Christopher Fowler
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Yes, it's that time of the year when Americans inexplicably choose to humiliate their pets by dressing them up in Hallowe'en costumes, but I have to admit that some are pretty funny. We've never quite grasped the whole Hallowe'en shoppertunity here in England, because of the event's late arrival so close to our more political dark night, Guy Fawkes' Night, which is now losing ground to the Orange…
Christopher Fowler
Our American cousins seem to be very keen on humiliating their pets around this time of the year, as any quick search for Halloween Dogs will show you on the interweb. My particular favourite was a Dracula dog with its pointed teeth bared, but these are pretty funny too. Anyway, this is by way of letting you know that my new short story 'Halloween Dogs' is apparently now available on the retro…