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Not everything can be turned into a brand. 'Wolf Hall' is next up for adaptation on stage and TV, and - please don't let this be true - it's rumoured that Andrew Lloyd-Webber's company is planning to stage JK Rowling's Harry Potter books - which would silt up the rest of London's theatres for the next thirty years. The other night I went to see the stage version of 'Let The Right One In' at the…
Christopher Fowler
Remember the eighties? If you do, you'll either recall a halcyon era awash with 'Loadsa Money', glass winebars and bad hair or a morally bankrupt time of tastelessness, selfishness and appalling greed. And for London, those times are clearly back again. Although this time around, there are a couple of new twists. It's no longer about selling off the family silver in the form of privatising public…
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