Zombie Apocalypse

Bryant & May And The Exhausted Writer

Thanks everyone for some interesting suggestions about what to do with Bryant & May for their twentieth excursion. Some of these ideas have already been covered. I’ve written about the Blackheath plague pits twice before in short stories. The stories appeared in the shared-world ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ anthologies. When I was small much of the heath […]

The Latest Thing In Zombies

What more, you ask, can be done with zombies? Well, Stephen Jones has created something new. He convinced us to write a zombie novel, each taking over one section of the carefully constructed storyline, tell the story of a nightmarish outbreak in future London, which is told in the form of e-mails, notes, bulletins, blogs, […]

Zombies Do London

As if That Volcano (thanks a bunch, Iceland!) wasn’t causing enough chaos, London is about to be beset by ravenous zombie hordes. This is a new ‘mosaic novel’ set in the near-future, when a desperate and ever-more controlling UK government decides to restore a sense of national pride with a New Festival of Britain. Controversial […]