WH Smith

When Is A Bookshop Not A Bookshop?

…When it’s my home. And only one of many bookcases, I’m afraid. It’s a minor compulsion and nearly under control; I can deal with it. The habit starts young. My mother had a cavalier disregard for books; she’d plough through them, bending corners, filling them with crumbs, dropping them  in the bath, using a fag-end […]

Let’s Get Digital

When I meet readers who won’t touch digital books I usually say ‘It’s not an Either/Or thing – you’ll still love physical books just as much.’ But not all electronic devices are created equal. The Kindle dominates because it’s cheap and easy to use and offers the widest range of books, although I’ve never worked out […]

‘Galaxy With Your Jane Eyre?’

WH Smith, the stationery souk (‘Do you want a giant chocolate bar for a pound extra?’ ‘Shawarma while you’re waiting?’) sells largely remedial reading matter, and has a private panel which decides what goes on the shelves. They turned down the fabulous chance to stock ‘Paperboy’, saying it was not populist enough. Maybe I should […]