Fifteen Excellent London Websites

I’m often asked which London websites would I most recommend. So, in no particular order, here’s where I think you can best go without going anywhere. There are plenty more sites I’d like to feature, so there will probably be a follow-up post to this at some point. 1. Don’t Panic is a clever little […]

Five Of My Favourite Sites

I started this blog with the sole intention of discussing books, largely my own, but it clearly wasn’t meant to be. I wasn’t keen on the idea of too much navel-gazing and I don’t get enough work published or broadcast to fill a daily blog. Besides, there are too many other things in which I’m […]

Not Many People Got That Right

Apparently, Michael Caine never said ‘Not many people know that’. It was Peter Sellars. Democracy has found itself a new website. ICorrect has turned up to set the record straight about what people say and do in public. Here’s how it describes itself on its site. ICorrect is the website to set the record straight. […]