War Of The Worlds

Writing Week 5: All Change

It’s only been a short while that we’ve been woke to questions of gender and already the complaints have started from certain male critics. The BBC’s new version of ‘War of the Worlds’ has a pregnant female lead living sinfully in Woking as the Martians arrive. And why not? Wells was always a bit thin […]

War Game

The first ‘War Of The Worlds’ trailer has gone live in the USA with great reaction, I’m thrilled to say. A proper traditional 2D side-scroller game, it looks like a lot of fun to play, although of course I know how this version ends. Dang! You’ll find it here.

Mars Attacks In October

There’s now an official War Of The Worlds game website up on Beta here, with some interesting footage of war-blasted London. Fellow writers had warned me about taking a commission on a video game, but this was a total hoot to write, with terrifically helpful clients who explained the problems clearly, leaving me to have […]

My Secret Project Revealed

For several months this year I worked on a secret project I couldn’t talk about, but the project has just been unveiled in the US, and I can now tell you a bit about it. I was approached by Paramount to write ‘War Of The Worlds’ for them as a videogame for the XBox 360 […]