Viktor Wynd

Aspects Of London: The Centre Of Magic

It wasn’t until I started researching magic (with or without the ‘k’) in London for ‘Bryant & May: The Lonely Hour’ (2019) that I realised how central to the world of magic is London. The main problem is that real tangible evidence about magic is highly elusive and often unconvincing – but there’s no denying […]

Something For The Weekend, Sir?

That’s a phrase that will mean more than the sum of its words for Londoners of a certain age. Mike Carrington points out that Viktor Wynd’s Last Tuesday Society now has its own shop of grotesque curiosities in Hackney (parts of which are a grotesque curiosity in themselves). So if you have urgent need of […]

Hidden London: A Shop Of Horrors

You know how it is – you’re out shopping, you need to find a two-headed teddy bear, a shrunken head or a stuffed raven. Obviously the place to head for is Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop Of Horrors at 11, Mare Street E8, a recommendation from my dear friend Graham Humphries. Get there before it becomes […]