April Fool’s Map

What is it about the London Underground system that makes it so prone to practical jokery? ‘Mornington Crescent’ was the ultimate practical joke game, but over at Diamond Geezer they’ve taken things further in one of the more complicated practical jokes built around the underground. There are an enormous number of parody maps wherein the […]

One Less Place To Read A Book

Sp eighty of London’s stations are to get free Wi-Fi in time for the Olympics, which means that our last refuge from being emailed and texted is about to vanish. I relished my time spent reading on the tube, until TfL decided that we need to be alerted by the driver every time a train […]

Another Load of Old Pants

What unites London, New York and Mexico City today? Apparently it’s ‘No Trousers On The Tube’ Day, so for some unearthly reason (the papers cite a ‘social-media-driven event’) people are wandering about with their kecks off on the tube. Luckily it’s very mild here today. Personally speaking, with my knees I’m better off keeping them […]

Along New Lines

Mark Noad’s reworking of Harry Beck’s iconic London tube map is no mere stab at design celebrity. The designer points out that while the original is a classic that has influenced tube maps around the world, it has been added to over the years, and the additions (particularly the sloppily-designed overground bits) have harmed the […]

Watery London

London seems to be a city built on, or surrounded by, water. It’s said that there’s no such thing as a dry London house, and I don’t know any city dwellers who don’t have a battle with water in some form. Our warehouse has a well in its basement, and the underground Fleet river passes […]

No Sex Please, We’re Underground

They say a man thinks about sex every seven minutes, but London Underground has long been exercised by the thought of anyone thinking about sex on their platforms. I once spent the night gluing bits of paper over two thousand posters due for London Underground after their board decided it was too risque, and now […]