Christmas In Madrid

Tis the season to be travelling to a European Christmas fair for gifts, and as I have old friends in Madrid, that’s where I am. Things I forgot about the place. 1. Nobody eats before 11pm 2. Nobody goes home before 3am 3. You can still smoke in restaurants and bars 4 Everybody, everywhere, at […]

When Trendy Travel Agencies Go Mad

As a relatively seasoned traveller with at least a modicum of eco-awareness, I try to visit places where locals might benefit from my tourist bucks. Travel agents know that I occasionally want to sit in the sun far away from crowds and think up plots for novels, and I’m prepared to try somewhere new. However, […]

The Portable Office

A new survey has revealed that on average Londoners carry £3,000 worth of gadgetry in their bags to work, including laptops, mobiles, car radio faceplates, music players, portable games consoles, Satnavs, Blackberrys etc. No mention of a book, but there’s always an eReader to contend with – except that so far commuters seem resistant to […]