Getting Around The City

Mayor Ken Livingstone was the first to realise that London is primarily a walking/ public transport city, and attempted to rebalance cars and public transport according to the ratios in which they were being used in different boroughs (finding that in Brixton, say, that 90% of the traffic was passing through to another area) but […]

Luring Londoners Underground

The above poster, ‘No Wet, No Cold’, is by Frederick Schneider Manner and dates from 1929. With the possible exceptions of the art nouveau Parisienne metro posters and JC Leyendecker’s Arrow Collar ads, the London Underground posters represent one of the most astonishing collections of advertising art ever assembled. But what they also do is […]

Back To Our Routes

The first new Routemaster-style bus started operation yesterday in London, and inevitably Mayor Boris Johnson has come in for stick from all sides, with Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy complaining that each new bus costs £1.4m compared with the conventional double-decker bus, which costs about £190,000. While I’m certainly no fan of Boris’s, it […]

Make Room, Make Room 1

I’m kidding, we love you, but please stop seeing lousy old shows in the West End. You won’t gain any credibility back home by telling people you saw a show that’s been running intermittently for 37 years (‘Chicago’) or 59 years (‘The Mousetrap’). I was talking to Howard, my New York agent, today, and he […]