Time Out

Me & Joanne

Both Joanne Harris and I started in the rougher end of murder and mayhem. She began writing with ‘The Bad Seed’ and ‘Sleep, Pale Sister’, two darkly horrific novels. I began with books like ‘Roofworld’ and ‘Spanky’, mixes of dark satire, fantasy and horror. We have both tackled other genres, Joanne with ‘Runemarks’, me with […]

Life, Love & The Pursuit Of Happiness

I’ve been researching for the final draft of the twelfth Bryant & May novel, and this question arose. Which countries work the longest hours? Does the amount you work relate to happiness? The South Koreans put in the most work-time, with a massive annual total of 2,193 hours, followed by Chile at 2,068. In Europe the […]

Has New Media Killed The Fringe?

According to recent press reports, the once-bouyant London fringe is dying despite new plays getting great critical notices, and while social media is being blamed nobody is looking to the real reason. When Time Out’s original magazine folded at the end of last year, London’s listings were lost – to be honest, the paper had […]

Goodbye, Time Out

After years of falling sales amidst online competition, London’s first and best city guide, Time Out, finally switched to being a printed freesheet this week. The original Time Out magazine, with all kinds of listings for London including protests under ‘Agitprop’, was first published in 1968 by Tony Elliott, and had a print run of […]

Re:View – ‘Intouchables’

One of the most purely pleasurable Gallic films in recent years has divorced the critics from the public as never before. Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy star as the mismatched Philippe and Driss; the former being a quadraplegic millionaire, the latter his ex-con helper from a Paris banlieue. Some reviewers detested the film for its […]

Time Out Of Joint

For Londoners, there are certain things that you’ve seen all your life. The Mousetrap. The Queen in residence. The traffic on Charing Cross Road. And Time Out. I bought the very first issue while I was doing a course at Goldsmith’s art college, and stayed with it through every issue. Time Out was the Londoners’ […]