Re:View – ‘Sleep Tight’

If you’re ever beset with the nagging suspicion that Hollywood has lost its cojones when it comes to nail-biting thrillers, check out Jaume Balaguero’s ‘Mientras Duermes’ (‘Sleep Tight’) and spend the rest of the night awake…it hinges on such a simple idea, I’m staggered no-one has thought of it before. Cesar (beetle-browed Luis Tosar) is […]

Re:View – ‘The Killing’

*No Spoilers* How do you create a ‘talker’ you can’t talk about? ‘Is this any good?’ asked the girl at HMV as I bought the boxed set. ‘Everyone seems to be asking for it.’ This is the Danish TV thriller that was built almost entirely by word of mouth – certainly without much help from […]

Movie Hells

I saw two movies this weekend, ‘2012’, a film of almost surreal stupidity in which a skimpily-clad girl discusses her boob job while walking through post apocalyptic Tibet, and the fate of the whole of India is deemed less important than saving a dog. And this, ’13: Game Of Death’, a ‘What would you do?’ […]

‘I Have To Get To A Library – Fast!’

Bookshop shelves are currently stuffed with Mr Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ and the hunt is on for the silliest dialogue line – something that will top the one above from The Da Vinci Code. It’s second only to ‘That man there! He’s got the map to the Holy Grail!’ (shouted by Sir Ian as he’s […]