Broadway’s Biggest Losers

There was a sad piece tucked away in the US papers recently as South Park’s admittedly clever ‘The Book Of Mormon’ swept the Tonys. It beat a labour of love created by the frequently experimental writing team Kander & Ebb. Back in 1976, lyricist Fred Ebb and composer John Kander set a new record as […]

Re:View – ‘Betty Blue Eyes’

In a West End awash with Broadway musicals – itself, hardly going through a golden age – the arrival of a British original is to be lauded, and Cameron Mackintosh can always be relied upon to try something different (I still have fond memories his frankly bonkers St Trinians version of ‘Moby Dick’). I’ve always […]

Where Yellow Lines Come From

I once ran a writing class at an archive that (for me at least) proved disastrous, because unbeknown to me the class was filled with archivists, and they were less concerned with fiction than accuracy. It’s a complex thing – I’m currently rewriting ‘Hell Train’ and researching the origins of the Great War, but it’s […]

SRO In London

Pigs, astronauts, ghosts, shoes & umbrellas – it must be a new theatre season in London…but you probably won’t get in to see much of it. Being an arts addict in London and actually finding decent seats can be a pretty expensive pastime unless you keep your ear to the ground and get in early. […]

Actor Speaks In Tongues

Ian Hart, who is appearing in the West End play ‘Speaking In Tongues’, left the stage and shouted at an overenthusiastic member of the audience last night. It’s something no actor ever does in London, no matter how bad it gets. Now the audience member is threatening to sue for damages because he was made […]

The West End In Your Living Room

Finally, London’s West End is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. You can now download theatre productions – it’s a new officially sanctioned site, and although the selection is small at the moment, it’s set to grow. The idea is to create a library of the best productions, with multiple camera angles shooting […]