The Memory Of Blood

The Perils Of Creating A Long-Running Series

  I first noticed it when I went back to check on a character’s name in ‘The Memory of Blood’, Book 9 in what looks like becoming a 20-volume series. One of the characters was using a Blackberry. As far as I know they’re long gone; nothing dates faster than technology. Then a Fax machine […]

US or UK Memory?

For any collectors out there, you’re going to kill me. I’ve just noticed that there are two slightly different versions of the next Bryant & May book, ‘Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood’. This is because the UK and US lead-times were different, and the edits came in separately, so I edited them […]

Off The Rails And Into The Bookshops!

‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’ came out in paperback yesterday, and to celebrate I hid a dozen signed and dated editions around Central London today for you to discover. s far as I can tell, only one copy wasn’t found. But let’s have a competition as well: Come up with the name of a […]

The Memory Of Blood

It looks as if there’s going to be a disparity of dates between US and UK editions of the ninth Bryant & May novel, with Transworld in the UK launching in September and Random House in the US pushing back to March next year. Meanwhile, here’s the US cover in a rather fetching mauve (now […]

Standalone Or Story-Arc?

Which do you prefer? I’m taking a straw poll, because although the Bryant & May novels are standalone they also have a story arc for regular readers. ‘The Memory Of Blood’ is very much a standalone novel, but picks up on a long-running MoD situation that’s reaching critical point. For the tenth Bryant & May […]

Bryant & May Are Back In Business

My lovely New York editor Kate Miciak has just read the delivered manuscript of the next Bryant & May novel and has told me she thinks it may be the best yet. I’m thrilled, because I work in the dark without feedback (I don’t let anyone read drafts), and it means I’m still on the […]

Shedding A Tear For Bryant & May

Well, I just wrote the final page of ‘The Memory Of Blood’, Bryant & May’s ninth novel. In the last chapter I usually concentrate just on Bryant & May themselves, although I’ve been involving Raymond Land more lately. But it’s always a chance to say a few things I feel about them. It’s usually an […]

Killer Performance

Murder, Mystery and Madness For Next Year

Next year I’ll have been in the writing business for 25 years. I know, thank you, I’ve worn well. To commemorate this dubious distinction, there will be a collection of strangeness from me featuring 25 new stories. At the moment the collection is entitled ‘The Horrors’ but if anyone can think of a dark/funny title […]