The Invisible Code

Happy Birthday, John and Arthur!

Today is the launch of my tenth Bryant & May novel, not too shabby for a series I was told could never take off in a million years because it didn’t have enough sex and violence. A charming, if alarming, review has appeared in the ever-excellent Crimetime by the equally excellent Barry Forshaw, author of […]

The Real Bryant & May?

Bryant & May artist Keith Page spotted this pair of senior gentlemen enjoying a beer outside The porcupine in Charing Cross Rd on Saturday, and now fears they may have come to life. We’re on the lookout for Janice Longbright next. The new Bryant & May novel, ‘The Invisible Code’, has been pre-released exclusively through […]

The Invisible Code Is Nearly Cracked

I’m just putting the finishing touches to ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’, the tenth volume in the series. It’ll be bigger than recent volumes, because there’s a lot to get through, and will be published by Transworld on August 1st 2012. Here’s a jacket synopsis; Two children play a game called ‘Witch-Hunter’, and […]