The Casebook of Bryant & May

Bryant & May In Shorts

Over the past few years whenever someone has wanted to publish a short story in the crime genre, either for a charity collection or an anthology, I’ve written a Bryant & May story for them. Now I seem to have quite a few in my files. But how to get them to the public? Short […]

Not Everything Works: Winning and Losing Novels

Here’s an honest round-up of my recent hits and misses – a snapshot of where I am at the moment, writing-wise. ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’ won the eDunnit Award, which I was thrilled about. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing lately. The sad news is that ‘The Casebook of Bryant & […]

Carry On Up The Amazon

This is a big shut-out of thanks to everyone who posted a review of ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May’ on Amazon, only to find no book there. It would seem that the very lovely limited edition volume is still not up on Amazon because, thanks to a change in their working practices, Amazon needed […]

Nobody Warned Me About Cosplay

  Well, that was fun. The Excel Centre, where I headed to sign books, appeared to have a number of conventions on. The Baby Show sat inappropriately beside girls dressed as Poison Ivy or The Little Mermaid. I’d only vaguely been aware of Cosplay, the art of dressing as your favourite comic character – some […]

The Casebook of Bryant & May Opens!

It’s arrived – the stunningly illustrated guide to all things Bryant & May is finally here, and was well worth the wait. I haven’t been this excited since they cancelled my operation. Cult artist Keith Page and PS Publishing have done the old boys proud with beautiful full-colour glossy repro, and there’s an edition with […]

Bryant & May Come To Life

‘The Casebook Of Bryant & May is now on the way from PS Publishing. You can read about its genesis at Down The Tubes here. The elegantly slipcased edition is now ordering and we’ll be signing at Forbidden Planet in January. I’m thrilled with what Keith has done, and if we sell out the limited […]

The Suspension of Disbelief

The crime genre is divided into many different subsections. The one I currently find myself inhabiting, it seems, is ‘Golden Age’/’Fantastic’, although I’m not quite sure why this label has been attached, as it seems very arbitrary. I’m doing a panel at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival later this month, and have a slot which […]

Unsold Stories: The Casebook of Bryant & May

It looks as if ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May 1; The Soho Devil’ is not going to be appearing anytime in the immediate future. The finished fifty-page full-colour graphic novel I’ve been working on with cult artist Keith Page has been unable to find a publisher either in the UK or the US. The […]

Still Waiting…

Well, the Bryant & May comic is finished, but we’re still waiting to hear back from comic publishers, who have gone into slow-motion summer mode. We’re in no rush, admittedly, but it would be nice to have the comic coincide with a book. The TV series pilot is written. Let’s see, what else did I […]

The Soho Devil Takes Flight

Artis Keith Page has just finished the first Bryant & May comic with me, and now we have to choose some publishers. We’ve had a lot of interest in ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May 1: The Soho Devil’ and hope to get deals in place in time for the next novel. I started by […]