The Bleeding Heart

At Home In The Old Pubs Of London

I love kids, but feel their parents shouldn’t think they can go anywhere. Which brings us to pubs. Research today points out that less than 1 in 10 pub visits are for the beer, and that most landlords now make their money by running family-friendly restaurants. Is the day of the ‘quick pint’ over? In […]

Dead Good Value!

See that cover? There’s only Bryant and no May on it. Want to know why? Read on. On the run-up to the arrival of ‘The Burning Man’ in hardback and ‘The Bleeding Heart’ in paperback, the wonderful folk at DeadGoodBooks are going to be discounting ‘The Victoria Vanishes’ and half a dozen other books for the […]

Thank You America!

‘Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart’ is getting some terrific reviews in the US, including this one from the New York Times’s estimable Janet Maslin. I’m thrilled…oh, and that’s the American cover, and yes, it’s tangerine. (There was an earlier one in mauve) BRYANT & MAY AND THE BLEEDING HEART By Christopher Fowler 383 […]

Bryant & May & Me

Yesterday I finished next year’s Bryant & May novel (I have a little tidying up to do, but basically it’s done). I’d been putting in an insane number of hours on the book. I needed to end it then because I was due to have an eye operation, after enduring months of rapidly deteriorating vision […]

Bleeding Hell(o)!

Yes, the hardback of ‘The Bleeding Heart’ is now in my hot ‘n’ stickies, and I’m very excited by the lovely waxy cover and chunky heft of the tome. Tipping in at close to 400 ops, it’s one of the longer entries in the series, and I’m in love with the natty cover. Here’s the […]

Bryant & May Across The Pond

Readers are always asking me; what’s the difference between the two English-language editions of the Bryant & May books, ie. UK and US? The first obvious change is in the covers. America’s artwork is actually created in the UK by Sarah Coleman at Inkymole, and is far more frivolous, although the next cover is taking […]

Bryant & May 11: ‘The Bleeding Heart’ Arrives March 27th

  Writers are always working a year ahead. I’m currently on 2015, but simultaneously proofing the US edition of ‘The Bleeding Heart’, which arrives much earlier here in the UK, on March 27th. The series feels as if it is really evolving now with the plots being driven by the characters, not the other way […]

Official: Bryant & May Set To Return

The morning sky is still red but the week has started with a bang as news reaches me that Bryant & May have been given the go-ahead in the US for a further two novels! My American friends are still waiting for the arrival of ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’, but this will […]