Tate Modern

Stick A Fish In It

Surrealism is back with a vengeance in the UK at the moment; the only possible response to times of upheaval etc etc., but how much of it is any good? Surrealism has always been the art student’s first port of call. It’s easy to produce – just put a woman in a room with a […]

The New Tate Has One Great Exhibit

You realise just how many members the Tate has when most of them are standing in front of you in a queue. Last night I went along to the Southbank’s newest building, the Switch House, for a nose around. The Tate really has a thing for bricks; millions of them form the great twisted flat […]

The Way We See

It’s unlikely that such an extensive exhibition of Henri Matisse’s late works will ever be put together again, says the curator of ‘Cut Outs’ at the Tate Modern. And it is astonishing to see them all gathered together here. When Matisse’s health was failing he switched to this paper-and-scissors technique and undermined the argument that […]

Looking Down On London

As the planning applications go in for over 200 new buildings of over 20 storeys each, 75% of which will be aimed at rich overseas buyers, there’s a campaign mounting to stop London’s skyline from being ruined. The buildings are being approved without any public debate or consultation. There’s no oversight and vision from the city’s leaders, […]

Munch & Hirst @ Tate Modern: All and Nothing

I took a stroll down to the Tate Modern yesterday and caught a double art bill for a quick bit of Compare & Contrast… The (invisible) elephant in the room at the Edvard Munch show was the absence of ‘The Scream’, and yet in many ways it’s already there in so many of his later […]

Little Dot

The polka dot-obsessed red-headed octogenerian artist Yayoi Kusama has a new exhibition at the Tate Modern, and it looks utterly bonkers. Love this installation and can’t wait to see the rest.

Tron @ Tate Modern

After the Disney movie ‘Tron: Legacy’ premiered in London last night, the great turbine hall of the Tate Modern was converted into The Grid for the film’s after-party. This was one of the best uses I’ve seen for the vast space with its immense concrete ramp and agoraphobia-inducing height, with Tron players wearing video monitors […]