We Need A Collective Noun For Film Critics

‘An exit of film critics’? ‘A pretence of film critics’? ‘A sneer of film critics’? Judging by the latest poll of the best 100 films of the 21st century according to 177 film critics it should probably be ‘a wankfest of film critics’. Film polls are notoriously subjective, of course, but dear God in Heaven, […]

Why Don’t Voters Choose The Best?

As a long-term member of the British Film Academy I applaud its rigorous voting system, which I think works fairly for everyone, but it doesn’t mean that I always agree with the members’ choice. I’m staggered that the distinctly average ‘Bridge of Spies’ comes out top of this year’s nominations, just as I’m shocked by […]

Making Art Just Got Cheaper

The film ‘Tangerine’, which is now in the frontline of Oscar hopefuls and on many a critic’s list this year, was shot on the fly without permits or even most people’s knowledge that it was happening. But more than that, it was made entirely on three old Apple iPhone 5s (second hand ones cost around […]