Takashi Murakami

Sexual Frankness In The North

It always seemed a paradox to me, that the further North you travel the more sexually frank many societies become. Latin countries are largely Catholic and repressed, but once you get among the Protestants, Calvinists and Lutherans anything goes. In starting to explore the Northern nations nearest to the UK, I’ve found this true in […]

Bring This Exhibition To The Tate

‘Mapping The Studio’ at the Palazzo Grassi is one of the most fascinating modern art exhibitions I’ve seen since ‘Sensation’ was at the Saatchi Gallery. If exhibitions can be judged by the state of mind in which they leave you after you exit, this one succeeds. It features world artists largely exploring states of modern […]

Which Is More Vulgar?

To be honest, a visit to Versailles is not high on my list of things to do before I die. The sheer aching vulgarity of such vast cathedrals of wealth largely leaves me cold, although I have great admiration for the craft-skills involved in their manufacture. Now, a descendant of King Louis XIV is seeking […]