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The Return Of The Friday Song

Why? Because I’m hard at work on the next Bryant & May novel, and can’t spend 3 hours on the blog this morning! Besides, the glorious weather has returned to its dismal grey state and we might need something to cheer us up. So there’s that. And this. Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee not only […]

Discovering Rituals & Ceremonies

The Pahlevani and Zoorkhanei rituals in Iran are a peculiar mixture of weight-lifting, dancing, gymnastics and music which have been around for 2,000 years, and now it’s possible for outsiders to experience them. Iran is opening up to travel (although it’s a massive country and there are no internal flights due to a lack of […]

It’s Miserable Out So Here’s A Bit Of Comic Genius

Stewart Lee on those damned immigrants, from his BBC show. Priceless, bizarre, mad. Buy his books and DVDs.

Stewart Lee, Comedy Hero

How do you explain the evolutionary phenomenon of the stand-up comic? From the primitive music-hall smut of Max Mille, via the beautiful non-existent jokes of Frankie Howerd, to the surreal Pythons and fanciful Eddie Izzard, and finally, to sardonic Stewart Lee. Of course, after that it drops back down again to Leslie Crowther lookalike Michael […]

The Royal Wedding Theory

All London is en fete – bunting hangs from every pub. And the comics’ comic Stewart Lee has a theory about Wills and Kate. He says: ‘Jessie L Weston’s 1920 study of Holy Grail mythology, From Ritual to Romance, pictures Britain as a wasteland, an image appropriated by TS Eliot to describe the aftermath of […]

Re:View – ‘How I Escaped My Certain Fate’

I’ve been an admirer of the stand-up comedian Stewart Lee for some time, never moreso than since his reinvention after the collapse of ‘alternative’ comedy. Now he has taken three shows and dissected them, explaining how and why they are funny, wrapping these masterclasses up with a biographical rundown of the circumstances under which they […]

Stewart Lee Live & Awesome

If You’d Prefer A Milder Comedian Please Ask For One is the title of Stewart Lee’s new show. Regular readers know I’m a huge fan of the stand-up, director and novelist, who remains the UK’s smartest comic. His humour is bone-dry and can be an acquired taste, but having just seen him live at the […]