St Sepulchre’s

London: Deaths, Executions, Markets Etc

More wanderings toward the Thames bring me to the Bourne Estate, not the name of a film starring Matt Damon but an Edwardian housing estate in the middle of Holborn that few office workers get to see. Constructed from 1905–1909, it’s regarded as one of London’s best examples of tenement housing. Most of the blocks are […]

The Graverobbers & The Condemned

This is the 12th century church St Sepulchre-Without-Newgate (ie just outside), the largest of the City Of London churches. It’s also the musicians’ church associated with Sir Henry Wood, founder of the Proms, and features in the rhyme ‘Oranges And Lemons’, but there are some macabre connections too…long associated with the Newgate prison, its Watch […]