Full Moon High

I’d never seen a lunar eclipse before. In London you’re lucky you can see the tops of buildings half the time. In South-East Asia it was a clear starry night, so I was able to watch the whole thing. The surprising part was the total eclipse effect – not one of darkness, leaving a negative […]

Bring On The Third Encounters!

A leading Russian astrophysicist has pronounced that as 10% of the known planets circling suns in the galaxy resemble Earth, we’ll have alien contact within 20 years. He thinks that although they may look human they may not be friendly. He doesn’t just mean they’ll be like people from Blackpool or something, he thinks they […]

It Makes You Proud To Be English

Britain’s aspirations to become a spacefaring nation have inched closer as a bunch of worms from a Bristol rubbish dump boarded the Atlantis space shuttle at Cape Canaveral for a mission to a $100bn international space station. They will be studied in its weightless confines as research for scientists to explain how astronauts build and […]