Sony eReader

Can The Kindle Bounce Back?

When e-readers were first introduced, book lovers reacted as if it was the end of the world. Despite the fact that many early e-readers were badly made and connected to poorly organised online booksellers, paper books were suddenly feared as dead as investigative journalism and independent fish shops. After struggling with various models including a […]

How I Fell Out Of Love With Sony

When first our eyes met across a crowded bookstore I’ll admit you seemed like an unloved wallflower against the big, buxom Kindle. You were small and lacked Wi-Fi, but it was your slim, shiny, sexy body that attracted me, and your screen responded to my delicate touch. I carried you in my back pocket wherever […]

The Virtual Library

I spent a very frustrating few hours trying to find eBooks last night. The system, it seems, is in hopeless disarray. My Sony eReader operates with ePub, a format taken up by Waterstone, and according to the opening page of the online library, WH Smith and, er, Mills & Boon. WH Smith has a good […]