Rediscovering London 1: Soho

Recently I mentioned that the more I traveled the less I found comparably pleasing in London, from obvious complaints (litter and dirt, public advertising, poor pedestrianisation) to larger, less solvable problems (endless privatisation, sky-high rents, overcharging and overcrowding). I’ve been bugged most of all by the half-hearted approach to problem solving; for example an initiative […]

Getting Up London’s Nose

Me, I like a good nose-around in London, and like others I have been puzzled by the detached pair of nostrils stuck two metres up Admiralty Arch which are supposed to represent good luck. There was a story knocking around that they belonged to Napoleon (why?) but the truth turned out to be more mundane […]

Something Smells In Soho

It’s fairly common knowledge that there’s a large nose sticking out of the wall at Admiralty Arch purporting to be the hooter belonging to Nelson, and that members of the armed forces always touched it for luck, but now it transpires there are seven more noses hidden on buildings around Soho. So far I’ve only […]

Why The Window?

Ah, Walkers Court, that insalubrious alleyway full of neon strip clubs between Brewer Street and Berwick Street, where you might bump into a trannie hooker or Sir Ian McKellen (Silk Sound studio is just behind the market stalls) – it has always felt oddly safe down there, but then I’ve rarely walked it after midnight. […]