Sarcasm, Aisle Three

It was actually a brilliant idea for Waitrose to ask consumers to complete their hashtag that began ‘I shop at Waitrose because …’ They must have known they would get an avalanche of sarcasm from British punters who all too clearly recognise the supermarket’s elitist position, and they’ve responded with good humour. Some of the […]

Strange Shops

This month’s selection of strange shops comes to you from Andalucia, and range from wholesale creepy religious paraphernalia to a sewing shop with a crucifix made from cotton reels, and a shop in Cadiz that sells – well, I have absolutely no idea what it sells, but its window display looked as if it hadn’t […]

How Much Do You Gentrify?

London has always been a scruffy place, a fat county lady who’s come to the big city in the wrong clothes. Even the nice parts often look a mess. We’re not Paris, with our spun-sugar cake shops and glittering handbagerias (mind you, we’re not Clignancourt, either, which makes Camden look like Monte Carlo). We’re not […]

The Duplicity of Walking in London

I spend too much of my life underneath London. But yesterday was one of those days that blasted through every possibility in the English weather lexicon, from soaking drizzle to blazing sunshine and windstorms. Obviously the ideal day for a city walk. Starting at King’s Cross, I headed to Clerkenwell and the city, stopping at […]