The Curse of Science Fiction

Some friends of mine recently restarted Michael Moorcock’s classic SF magazine ‘New Worlds’ as an online subscription mag, and encountered the usual prejudices that seem to bedevil SF literature. They commissioned work from a number of authors (including, rather bravely I thought, me, with a new story called ‘OFF’) but are struggling to hit the […]

Re:View – ‘Prometheus’

+NO SPOILERS+ At the World Premiere last night Ridley Scott told us frankly ‘I’m an art director – I’m more interested in the sets than the actors.’ A brave thing to admit before the start of his new film, and yet it showed admirable confidence, because with this prequel to ‘Alien’ we’re in safe hands […]

Re:View – ‘Out Of This World’

Entering the science fiction exhibition at the British Library, you are greeted with a giant flying saucer having crash-landed into shelves of books, an appropriate metaphor for SF’s impact on the world of literature. There’s also an immense tripod bestriding the show. much as the shadow of HG Wells continues to fall across SF. The […]

Bring On The Third Encounters!

A leading Russian astrophysicist has pronounced that as 10% of the known planets circling suns in the galaxy resemble Earth, we’ll have alien contact within 20 years. He thinks that although they may look human they may not be friendly. He doesn’t just mean they’ll be like people from Blackpool or something, he thinks they […]

Warning: Your Brain Must Be THIS BIG To Be Allowed On This Ride

My pal Frazer Lee complains that the audience of ‘Avatar’ Tweeted, Facebooked and MySpaced themelves into a stupor while watching ‘Timotei – The Movie’ at his local cinema. Last year at Somerset House the girl in front of me watching ‘Alien’ took pictures of her own hair on her mobile and Facebooked it. I swear, […]