Rupert Murdoch

US Scribes Thrash UK Hacks Shock!

When I was a teenager I decided I wanted to be a journalist. As luck would have it, I knew a couple who worked on the Mirror and the Mail (when it was a broadsheet), but they warned that the face of British journalism was about to change. The era of hot-type was coming to […]

Slow News Day

Lois Lane went undercover all the time – do you ever hear of a reporter doing that these days? Once newspapers were about data. A report of a war. A summation of a court case. Details of an accident. Before Maxwell and Murdoch destroyed Fleet Street, reporters were required to train for their jobs; you […]

Man Tragically Born Without Spine

That’ll be the ‘Culture Secretary’ Jeremy Hunt, then. Boyish smile, and the cold dead eyes of a serial killer. He’s just paved the way for a Fox News-style Conservative monopoly by approving News Corporation’s plan to spin off Sky News, clearing the way for its proposed £8bn purchase of the 61% of BSkyB it does […]