Royal wedding

Too Many Eyes On London

Well, the London Eye pulsed red, white and blue, the partying went without a hitch, and as the country nurses its collective hangover I’m going to a Pirate Wedding today, sans parrot. After two wedding parties, I realised I was the only Englishman at either, and the only one not terribly interested in the marriage […]


Last night we went to a party in a house just off Trafalgar Square, and at midnight we walked back down the centre of the Mall to Buckingham Palace. I’m not much for pageantry but there was something ethereally graceful about seeing the great mall in full flag colours, softly lit, with people strolling about […]

The Royal Wedding Theory

All London is en fete – bunting hangs from every pub. And the comics’ comic Stewart Lee has a theory about Wills and Kate. He says: ‘Jessie L Weston’s 1920 study of Holy Grail mythology, From Ritual to Romance, pictures Britain as a wasteland, an image appropriated by TS Eliot to describe the aftermath of […]

Not The Royal Wedding!

I thought that being stranded in London over the next few days was going to be Hell. I have no interest in the Royal Wedding, and had already displayed my ignorance on the subject after being interviewed by Reuters, who asked me what I thought of Kate Middleton. I said I didn’t watch the X […]

What Royal Wedding?

I spotted these today in ‘Aria’ in Islington, part of a line of alternative naff wedding plates celebrating the forthcoming nups of some ginger posho and his bint. I’m particularly taken with the one that describes the event as ‘Wills & Kate: the Four-Day Bender’. (Click to enlarge) The nice thing is that you get […]