Royal Vauxhall Tavern

One Night In Vauxhall

It’s a piece of London apocrypha that’s been circulating for years, a story unverified by the press at the time but which turned out to be true. Supposedly one night a bored Princess Diana left the Palace to hang out with her pals Freddie Mercury and Kenny Everett. Complaining she never got to go anywhere […]

Severing The Links With London’s Past

London grows, and in doing so it sheds the past. The fabric of much that made the city special to Londoners is unravelling. Here’s another small example. The city’s drag & cabaret pubs can trace their origins back to the old music halls. They hide in plain sight in high streets around the city – […]

The Night Princess Diana Dressed As A Man

It looks like a Victorian coliseum. The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a very odd pub, and has proudly been so for a very long time – most of my lifetimeĀ at least. Bear in mind that you’re within spitting distance of the Houses of Parliament, and the thought of drag queens on ceiling swings singing Gilbert […]