Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Raymond Kirkpatrick’s New Rules For London

In travels across London, one can’t help but notice how some things could be improved. Of course I’m far too polite to suggest changes so I invited one of Arthur Bryant’s contacts, the heavy metal-loving bear-like Professor of English, Raymond Kirkpatrick,  to be our guest speaker. Here are his top five bugbears;   1. Remember we aren’t children! […]

The Return Of Piccadilly’s Cinemas

A boxy screen and sticky steps, shuffling punters and fag smoke…the old cinemas of Piccadilly Circus were drenched in melancholy, a place where loners passed time waiting for homegoing trains, most of which were one an hour. The shows were each an hour in length and showed cartoons and newsreels. The cinemas also attracted lonely […]