Richard Williams

The Brilliance Dims: Richard Williams Dies

When he died, he had just finished a full day’s work. He was 86, and living in Bristol, although he had been born in Canada. He was one of my true heroes, and I’d had the great pleasure of meeting him several times. Back in the 1960s, on the north side of London’s Soho Square, […]

Charles Wood, The Great Experimentalist

As Roger pointed out in Comments Section yesterday, Charles Wood had another problem as a writer – his plays were expensive to stage, which was fine when the UK put huge amounts of money into brave original theatre works but no good for modern times. Even when Wood worked on a traditional subject he still […]

The Strange Story of the Thief In Soho Square

This is the story of dreams, creativity and thwarted ambition. Once upon a time, back in the swinging sixties, on the north side of London’s Soho Square, there was a bright green townhouse that was the home of some of the city’s most wonderful eccentrics. It was an animation studio run by Richard Williams, whose […]