Go Ahead, Make My Day

Own-Trumpet-Blowing Dept: A couple more nice reviews for ‘Film Freak’ in the national press… ‘Film Freak is a homage to pre-digital cinema, an elegy for the vanishing London of almost half a century ago, and a tribute to friendship, gonzo-style. Two thumbs up for this triple-billing.’ – Financial Times ***** This is the sort of […]

When The Competition Turns Nasty

Any branch of the arts attracts bottom-feeders, and publishing is no exception; there are people who carve out plates from art books and sell them, or who steal to order from reference libraries, or who churn out vanity volumes for deluded McGonagalls. To this list could be added Todd Rutherford, who ran a company that […]

Who Reads Reviews?

It’s the standard answer from actors – ‘I never read reviews’, and we used to think ‘Oh, I bet you sneak a peek at them all the time.’ But lately there’s been a fundamental change in the way the press works. With everyone and their dog’s sitter learning how to type in a rudimentary manner […]