The Return of the Raincoat Brigade?

As if to prove that erotica is back (see below) in London’s formerly in-yer-face sleazy Soho an underground Mexican restaurant and bar has appeared, hidden behind the facade of a defunct sex shop, so all that lairy neon is now post-modern irony. La Bodega Negra is *reads press release, stifles yawn* a ‘hip new hotspot […]

Your Dinner’s In The Furnace

The Lazarides pop-up restaurant/ art experience returns shortly for more strange and atmospheric nights in one of London’s most mysterious (and secret, as it’s yet to be named) sites around town. The last one, entitled ‘Hell’s Half Acre’,was apparently great – I missed that but will go to the next, here. Pics come via Londonist.

Go Directly To Jail, Eat Dinner

Wild mushrooms en croute, guinea fowl, quince jelly. The Clink restaurant at HMP High Down in Sutton, Surrey is a gourmet restaurant at the centre of a prison for 1,100 criminals where the prisoners themselves cook and serve food. The Clink is not on the outside of the prison, but bang in the middle of […]

Come Up For Dinner

Sitting at my desk here I can see St Paul’s, the London Eye and the BT Tower, and two of them are about to become new venues to eat and drink. Londoners have a long tradition of building something and then throwing a dinner party inside it, up it or on it. The Victorians had […]