Red Gloves

USA, Get Ready For My Backlist

Red Gloves 1&2

I’ve had many enquiries from American friends asking if my backlist of around twenty books would become available there for Kindle, Kobo, etc. The volumes are being released in sets in the UK and Europe at the moment, with The Curse of Snakes and Calabash due in about three weeks. I’ve now signed a deal for […]

The Red Gloves Are Back On…


As part of my initiative with Penguin Random House to get 20 back-volumes of work into print once more (well, e-print for now but you know what I mean) ‘Red Gloves’, which originally looked like this, is coming back. The little-seen (and hefty) collection was broken into two volumes and gathered together 25 new stories set […]

A Bumper Year Coming: Start Building Bookshelves Now

I work on narratives for a couple of years and then everything suddenly comes out together, but this does seem to be shaping up as my bumper year. The Bryant & May books are, it seems, doing okay; they may never reach the giddy sales heights of a Lee Child or an SJ Watson but […]

Story Tricks: No. 1 – Planting Plums

This is a new occasional series for both readers and budding writers, about some of the tricks that can be used to improve stories. This one’s a classic. Oddly enough, it’s use has been made much easier since the advent of computers, because you can go back and revise manuscripts accordingly. It involves the planting […]

Film It For Free

To celebrate the publication of my collection ‘Red Gloves’, I’m giving away options to new film-makers. If you’d like to make a short film from one of my stories, simply contact me and I’ll give you a free option to film it. Normally film-makers have to buy a one-year option to a story before they […]

World Fantasy Award Nomination

I’m thrilled to be nominated for a World Fantasy Award for ‘Beautiful Men’, my apocalyptic story of angels on Earth, particularly as it’s a story I had such pleasure writing. I just had to go to the French Riviera to research it, obviously. I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone from World Fantasy at […]

Lovely Gloves!

I’ve now got my first hardback copies of Red Gloves in, and I think I’m right in saying that we sold out in Brighton. But there are more on the way… Very proud to have such a nice-looking volume out. I love writing short stories – these constitute volumes 11 & 12 – and I’ll […]

Red Gloves Now Has An Added Extra

I’ve just found out that my limited edition slipcased box set of 25 new short stories will come with an added extra – two full colour illustrated frontispieces. Looks like the publishers are just going to keep chucking good stuff in!

Gloves On!

Yowza! Thank you PS Publishing! The ARC of ‘Red Gloves’ is here, with 25 new stories, with two special Bryant & May stories and two introductions. And at over 400 pages I have to say it’s a real whopper! There will be 100 signed and numbered slipcased hard-cover collectors’ items at £49.99/ $80.00, and 500 […]

Red Gloves Nears Completion

Acclaimed artist Graham Humphries hasnow finished two beautiful covers for the Red Gloves collection, which will contain two volumes of short stories – one for English tales and one for world tales. Also included are an essay on the events that were happening while I wrote the tales, and two Bryant & May short stories. […]