Poor But Honest Entertainment

I’ve always preferred honest B movies to under-ambitious and oversold A movies. Watching [Rec]4 last night brought that home as I sat there thinking ‘Outboard-toting heroine fights rabid monkeys on a detonating ship – what’s not to love?’ The [Rec] series has a certain amount of originality and rings enough changes to intrigue, but originality […]

Favourite Horror Double Bills 1: ‘Rec’ & ‘Rec 2’

I was never a big fan of George A Romero’s lumbering slo-mo zombies. Romero removed the plots from undead films, so that it has become the norm not to explain why things are happening. Jaume Balaguero could have taken the easy way out and made a traditional zombies-on-the-loose sequel to his hit documentary-style Spanish horror […]