Visi, Astro or Gogo?

Goths,I mean – I think the last lot are Welsh. I rather like Goths, if there are still any around. They’re gentle and read books.THE KITSCHIES are holding their Goth night tomorrow, presenting prizes in the form of tentacles to the year’s most progressive, intelligent and entertaining genre literature. The evening features a selection of […]

Halfway Through A Good Book

Slow Reader I’ve always had a slight problem with reading – I read the books I enjoy most very slowly. This becomes tricky when I’m reviewing novels or judging books for awards. And there are some writers – I won’t mention names – who write as if their words were housebricks, and I keep stubbing […]

Small Wonder This Weekend

The Small Wonder Short StoryFesival is now on, and I’ll be there tomorrow trying not to get thrown out of a dirigible in the 2:00PM Great Balloon Debate. It’s at Charleston, Virginia Woolf’s beautiful abode in Sussex – for details visit here.