PageRipper 1: Readers & Bookshops

As Annie hasn’t yet taken up her guest blogspot, I thought I’d do a new occasional list of thoughts here. 1. First, Fiona writes; ‘I thought I’d mention that you are quite good looking. I shall have to find time to drop everything else and read your books.’ This strikes me as one of the […]

When Fans Turn Scary

Is Will Self God? Er, no. But, like the Bible, I find his books a struggle to get through. And the real God smote down his house earlier this week. But Self does have a book club of Self cargo cultists who think he’s a god, apparently. Here’s a quote from the Sovereign Grand Quiddity […]

Why Readers Are Smarter Than Journalists

Today’s Guardian reports from the Hay Festival and has authors interviewing themselves with the questions journalists never ask them. The article’s here. It set me thinking; the questions I’m asked by readers are markedly different from those asked by journalists. Often readers ask the very things journalists fail to ask. The most common questions readers […]