USA, Get Ready For My Backlist

I’ve had many enquiries from American friends asking if my backlist of around twenty books would become available there for Kindle, Kobo, etc. The volumes are being released in sets in the UK and Europe at the moment, with The Curse of Snakes and Calabash due in about three weeks. I’ve now signed a deal for […]

From Paradise To Purgatory

When the Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman described suburban Neasden as ‘the home of the gnome’ he didn’t mean it nicely. London’s Metropolitan Railway accidentally created suburbia. The term ‘Metroland’ was coined in 1915 and used to describe a band of countryside north-west of London, sold as a land of idyllic cottages and gardens. But […]

5 Dark Urban Adventures Are Back This Week!

Hurrah! This Thursday sees the e-book release of my five Dark Urban novels, Rune, Red Bride, Disturbia, Psychoville and Soho Black. Designer Martin Butterworth created the beautiful matching covers for all twenty releases. ‘Roofworld’ and ‘Spanky’ are already available. All are priced just £2.99.   Rune Strange suicides occur in the city’s corridors of power. […]

Coming Next Month – Five Of The Best

On the 14th of July new versions of five of my novels – ‘Rune’, ‘Red Bride’, ‘Disturbia’ (no relation to terrible film with same name), ‘Psychoville’ (no relation to excellent TV show with same name) and ‘Soho Black’  – will finally be published as e-books, all with nice low price tags. This is part of […]

Don’t Call Me Cosy!

On May 19th I’ll be heading to Bristol for the annual Crimefest, where one of the panels should get a bit fighty; it’s about the pros and cons of the so-called ‘Cosy’, a relatively new sub-genre of mystery fiction which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously, and the crimes take place in a small, socially intimate community. […]

Quotes From My Non-Bryant & May Books No.5

  Looking at it now, I’m astonished by how vicious and surreal the satire is in ‘Psychoville’ (the title of which was nicked by Reece Shearsmith for his TV show, after he had seen the book in my flat). It began as a deeply felt personal project but turned into a  tightly plotted but outrageously […]

Great Minds Think Alike

Obviously, old titles get re-used (particularly if they have words like ‘die’ or ‘kill’ in them) but it seems over the years people have used titles I’ve created with alarming regularity. Here are some of them: Disturbia – My version: Young couple trapped in commuter town take revenge on neighbours. Their version: Awful teen US […]

Whose Idea Is It Anyway?

A few years ago I wrote a story called ‘Emotional Response’ for my collection ‘Demonized’. It broke ranks with the other stories, which were mostly dark tales of vengeance, and instead presented a rom-com about a woman who was dating the wrong man, so in order to prove the point, her friends hired a girl […]

And It Turns Out They’re All Dead

We’ve talked about how books, films and TV series often sell hooks without hope of providing a proper payoff – ‘Lost’ provided one of the lamest examples in years – but many stories are let down by their climaxes. Authors often rush the final chapters of books when they should be slowing down the pace. […]