Portsmouth Sinfonia

Fowler’s Miscellany

Things that should not bother me but do.   It’s probably not bad grammar, especially from the Washington Post, and I hugely admire Americans for taking welcome shortcuts through language, but in my head this reads ‘lose even more badly’. Sorry. I’ve managed to adapt to ‘train station’ instead of ‘railway station’ and even ‘bored […]

Something Really Horrible For Christmas

I once wrote a Christmas single. It didn’t chart, thank God – I can only say that I was 23 and stupid – but I do still own a copy (45 rpm vinyl) to remind me how horrible music gets at Christmas. This year Enrique Iglesias’s ‘Bailando’ (a worldwide mega-smash) barely managed to reach 75th […]

The Musical Horror Continues….

A friend has tracked down another nightmarish Meat-skewer-through-the-eardrum track from the Portsmouth Sinfonia. Play here