Polly Hope

The Full Story Of ‘Maryann’ & The Missing Book

  Earlier this week a reader pointed out that a copy of Maryann Forrest’s extraordinary and prescient ‘HERE: Away From It All’ is currently selling on eBay for 450 squids. That’s an astonishing thing to have happened to a forgotten novel, but for those of you who missed the full story of Maryann Forrest and […]

A London Story: Polly, the ‘Jobbing Artist’

Some time back I posted about trying to find the author of a book I owned as a teenager. The author’s brilliant first novel ‘Here (Away From It All)’ received wide praise from Anthony Burgess, the New York Times and others, but when I tried to track her down the trail ended in Australia. When […]

Just How Dodgy Is Digital Publishing?

You can always tell when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes – they don’t give you a straight answer. It seems that habit has spread to ebooks. ‘I became a superstar from digital publishing!’ some dubious ‘writer’ regularly screams in the press, until you do a bit of fact-checking (remember that, […]

The Randomness Of Posterity

Every generation has its great books, its key theatre and best films. Theatre is chosen on merit and performance as well as popularity (witness the huge success of ‘Jerusalem’), films have money thrown at them by studios and some stick (so that a film as godawful as ‘This Means War’ can still do respectable business) […]