Plastic novel

Between Genres At The Moment

I’m in hospital again today with a tube hanging out of my arm so I’m typing this with one hand. The nurse isn’t coming around for an hour so I’ve time to bang this out. I’m writing a third volume of my award-winning memoirs (my agent insists on me adding that phrase). For those of […]

Chapter One: ‘Plastic’

  I had such fun writing this novel, at least the first time. Then came rewrites – and more rewrites. The market was changing and publishers’ readers were nervous. Was it a comedy, a thriller, a horror story? In my head it was a female empowerment fable; housewife turns vigilante, like Doris Day with guns […]

A Warning Against Originality

Somebody asked me the other day if ‘Plastic’ was ever published. I explained that it was a few years ago and is now an e-book too, so this piece is about the effort that went into the attempt to create a short, unclassifiable novel. I had grown up in the sixties surrounded by strange experimental […]

For Anyone Who Hasn’t Yet Read ‘Plastic’

  An email from my author pal Guy Adams, whose wife is currently reading ‘Plastic’.  This is what happens when writers get competitive. ‘I’m terribly cross with you. Debs is reading Plastic at the moment (before me I hasten to add). She’s become insufferable.  “He’s very funny,” she said on the first day. Which was […]

It’s Your Choice!

You have to make a choice from two books today – one that’s brand-new and not out until July 15th from lovely Solaris Press, the other I found down the back of my voluminous shelves. I’ll print an excerpt from one of them below, so what’s it to be, Christopher Fowler’s bizarre comedy-thriller ‘Plastic’ or […]

Not Everything Works: Winning and Losing Novels

Here’s an honest round-up of my recent hits and misses – a snapshot of where I am at the moment, writing-wise. ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’ won the eDunnit Award, which I was thrilled about. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing lately. The sad news is that ‘The Casebook of Bryant & […]

‘Plastic’ Gets A New Look

‘Plastic’, my bleakly comic thriller due out in July, is about a shopaholic suburban housewife trapped in a lousy marriage. After discovering her husband’s infidelity with the flight attendant next door, June loses her home, her husband and her credit rating. But there’s a solution: a friend needs a caretaker for a spectacular London high-rise apartment. […]

What Are You So Afraid Of?

Well, I’ve just finished the next Bryant & May book. Breaking with the authors’ tradition, I don’t light up a fag and have a brandy, but usually go out to dinner. Tonight we’ll be hitting a restaurant at midnight (I know, Spanish hours, a killer) and celebrating, but not for long. Next week I start […]