Peter Ackroyd

What’s Your Style?

Can you tell if a writer has a particular style? I didn’t think I had one until my agent pointed it out. I’d always assumed that most writers don’t have just one style but an infinite number ready for use. Good writers can pastiche and mimic. Great ones perform miracles of assimilation that make you believe […]

This Time London Sits By The Fire & Watches

350 years ago (well, not quite – on September 16th), the Great Fire of London destroyed nearly all of central London’s wooden buildings. Samuel Pepys famously watched the conflagration that not only followed the devastation of the previous year’s bubonic plague but also came in the middle of several other events; the Anglo-Dutch war, public […]

Quiet, Rebellious, Underground, Deserted

Three to watch out for – how many more volumes can there be on the world below London? Peter Ackroyd goes further back into the past and gives us his spin on the subject. There’s a decent countercultural history of London, but I still prefer Time Out’s old paperback of agitprop, which captures the time […]