Pet Shop Boys

Right Material, Wrong Venue


When the Royal Opera House opened an original new work about Anna Nicole Smith, some audiences expressed horror at the choice of subject matter for such an august venue. Personally, I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than sit through another dusty production of ‘La Traviata’. It’s not because I haven’t enjoyed it before – […]

Nearly Winners

Who better to knock out an Olympics song than the very wonderful Pet Shop Boys? Their traditional melancholy tone has somehow made this sound as if the song is about someone who came close to winning but not quite close enough, and is still happy about it. You know, like Andy Murray. (Although I really […]

Re:View – ‘The Most Incredible Thing’

Pet Shop Boys are not to everyone’s taste – I appreciate that many people find house music unsubtle, but it was always my brainless sound of choice. However, Pet Shop Boys are far from brainless; their score to ‘Battleship Potemkin’, performed in Trafalgar Square, was excellent, and pointed the way to new avenues, and this […]