Peculiar Crimes Unit

Meanwhile, At The Peculiar Crimes Unit…

I use real locations for most of my stories. It helps to get some sense of size and space when you have a lot of people moving around, so that the reader can visualise events more easily. Early Bryant & May readers will know that I used to have the PCU occupying the upper part […]

Bryant & May’s Hidden Cases

Remembering those Sherlock Holmes stories where Holmes enigmatically refers to an untold case as ‘that scandal of the Bohemian pilchard snatching’ and moves on to the investigation at hand, I started smuggling references of missing cases into the Bryant & May novels at a very early stage. The Leicester Square Vampire was suitably sorted out […]

Meanwhile, Over At The Peculiar Crimes Unit…

…you’ll find the first post on Bryant & May – The Comic (we don’t say Graphic Novel anymore. I have this on good authority). The site is still coming together here (not enough hours in the day etc) and will be added to on a regular basis – with hopefully some kind of notification whenever […]

The Peculiar Crimes Unit Comes To Life

Keith Page has been hard at work on the finished script of the Bryant & May graphic novel, ‘The Soho Devil’. As soon as I get a chance, I’ll be creating a graphic novel section for the Peculiar Crimes Unit site here. The artwork has to be seen in its entirety to be fully appreciated, […]

Putting Bryant & May In Their Place

The Peculiar Crimes Unit site here now has eight filing cabinet drawers full of esoteric bits and bobs on the Peculiar Crimes Unit, writing, mysteries, crime, weird books, maps and – coming soon – artwork. This means that all things Bryant & May are now in one place, and everything else, including details about several […]