Patrick Hamilton

Nothing Happens

Sometimes a novel can benefit from a little less action. You often find that the best bits of books, films, plays or sitcoms are the parts near the beginning where nothing much happens, the calm before the storm. I like these quiet moments because characters still have room to breathe before becoming subject to the […]

London, City of Stasis

London is always considered the city of progress and fluctuation, but there’s a side to the metropolis that remains unchanged across the decades. The constancy is really noticeable when you start to look for it. The populace – more international now, obviously, as my mother-in-law’s Australian travelling companion noted loudly when she got on a […]

London: City of Dank

The new building in my street has already turned green. Moss covers the stonework, and hardy, invasive Buddleia bushes are once more sprouting from drain-fed brickwork. There’s no getting away from it; apart from a few bright spring days and a few corresponding crisp ones in the autumn, London is dank. The morning mists rise, […]