Paternoster Square

10 Bits Of London We Mislaid (And Sometimes Put Back)

Do you ever get the feeling when you walk along a familiar street that something is different and a bit of it has perhaps vanished? I get this feeling all the time, usually because developers have whipped something away behind my back – but the mislaying of bits of London is not a new thing […]

London, City of Stasis

London is always considered the city of progress and fluctuation, but there’s a side to the metropolis that remains unchanged across the decades. The constancy is really noticeable when you start to look for it. The populace – more international now, obviously, as my mother-in-law’s Australian travelling companion noted loudly when she got on a […]

Bring Back The Bookstalls!

London is a strangely severe city. Our architects like trees in parks, not on pavements. We don’t do frills and fripperies (you only have to compare park benches in Paris and London to see the difference in styles) and seem drawn to barren open spaces. Paternoster Square at St Paul’s was named after the priests […]