Listening To The Paperboy

Very weird, this. The charming Gordon Griffin, who narrates the new unabridged audio version of ‘Paperboy’, rang me to get the voice right. Having someone impersonate you is a bit like looking in a mirror and finding someone slightly different staring back. Anyway, it’s out in a four-disc set from Magna Story Sound, obtainable by […]

The Sexiness Of Books

The Kindle is plastered all over the pages of the Amazon UK website in what is increasingly looking like desperation. I like the idea of an ebook reader, but then there’s this picture, which I took on the beach yesterday. And it’s weirdly sexy. Book sexy. The casual sifting of sand from the pages, the […]

Paperboy: What Happened Next

It was a gamble, to write a memoir and try to sell it. I was merrily skipping genres again, but Transworld was wonderfully supportive, and took the book. Next came a couple of high-risk strategies; I took a low advance in exchange for a better return in paperback, and hired a freelance publicist to work […]

Go On, Get It Out Of Your System

That’s right, have a good laugh, then calm down and behave. I am wearing a fire engine red Tommy Nutter suit made for George ‘Inspector Wexford’ Baker, who gave it to me. The lady is my friend Avis, who once worked for Hertz. I wish I was making this up. The point is, I’m toying […]

Paperboy Paperback Out Today

I know there’s a credit crunch and we’re all cutting back. I know the last thing you need to is to buy another book. But as ‘Paperboy’ has been described as ‘Billy Elliot for writers’, I had to quickly remind you that it’s out in shops from today. It’s common for authors to post the […]

Black Static, Back From The Dead, Bryant & May On The Loose,

I work at home. ‘Yes, but what do you do all day?’ I’m often asked. So in the spirit of keeping you up-to-date with what I’m writing, here’s what I’m actually doing this year. I think it’s probably about the same as any other writer, a mix of projects that will remain stillborn and others […]