Too Many Old Queens: Fact VS Fiction

How do you make the the great stories of history relevant for a modern audience? It’s a question vexing many a writer and filmmaker. A cycle of historical films occurred some 40 years ago, with the huge success of the TV series ‘I, Claudius’ with Derek Jacobi, ‘The Six Wives of Henry VIII’, starring Keith Michell, ‘Elizabeth R’ […]

Sight & Sound No.1

Why do we love films? For me, one of the earliest and greatest thrills I ever had was discovering the moments in film when visuals and music perfectly match each other to create great moments – we think perhaps of classics like ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Psycho’, but this is a new sequence of sight & […]

Movies That Mangle The Mind

For me it started with a screening of ‘Eraserhead’ at the Scala Cinema when it used to be in Scala Street. After, nothing else measured up for a while because it had dream-images that stayed despite their lack of logic. Is there anything worse than a film where you can see every scene telegraphed? ‘The […]