Where Have You Been, What Did You Learn?

Sorry about delays and omissions in your usually fine service – I was meant to tackle various site issues but I was back in the hospital, which is not terribly conducive to posting, or for that matter thinking. One of the problems was the loss of my image bank, a collection of thousands of photos […]

Sand Storm Coming In!

My thriller ‘The Sand Men’ is heading this way at the start of October from Rebellion Press, and that strange cracking noise is me breaking out of yet another pigeonhole. This time the demographic lines are really blurred. Is it SF? Yes and no; it’s set in the present day but explores themes close to […]

Why I Hate The King Of Sweden

I hate the King of Sweden. In the last few days he’s played havoc with my holiday plans. It began on the flight. ‘The King would like you to join him in first class,’ whispered the steward, bending close to my ear before realising his mistake, dashing my hopes and sliding away to the distinguished […]

Bedouin & Breakfast

After several days without a hot wash or a shave, how typical that I should first hunt down a internet connection before cleaning myself up, and lo, here it is in the Oman transit Lounge. I have been fantasising about electric lights and running water. Having stayed with our charming Bedouin tribe (who took a […]